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RBE honors professor Claudio Froehlich in a special issue

The Revista Brasileira de Entomologia (RBE) is publishing a special issue in honor of Professor Claudio G. Froehlich, for his many contributions to the study of biodiversity.

Professor Froehlich is one of the main references in zoology and one of the pioneers in Brazil in the study of aquatic insects. His work, especially in systematics and taxonomy, brought immeasurable knowledge to Brazilian science and has had a great impact on research conducted by many other entomologists. At the Universidade de São Paulo, he mentored students for over 60 years.

The submission of manuscripts for this special issue is now open. Contributions should be papers written in English on topics related to taxonomy, phylogenetics, diversity and evolution of insects. Papers should preferably deal with aquatic insects - terrestrial groups may be accepted with proper justification and relation to Professor Froehlich's career.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is June 30. At least one author on each manuscript must be a member of the Brazilian Society of Entomology (SBE). The Festschrift of Professor Froehlich will have a maximum of 20 articles, and the first ten manuscripts submitted and accepted will be free of charge to the authors.

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