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SBE's new board expands representation

2023 brings to SBE a new board of directors, elected for the 2023/2024 biennium. Managed in recent years by professors and researchers linked primarily to Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), the SBE now enters a new stage, with an eye on the representativeness of the entire scientific community.

"Our institution has a very important history, it has promoted throughout its existence great advances in relation to the dissemination of knowledge, and we are ready to continue with this work. We have professors from different institutions in the country - not only on the board, but also as editors of our journal and, equally important, we have women on the board again, two young researchers who certainly have a lot to contribute", says the new president, Rodrigo Feitosa, a professor at UFPR.

The board also includes the vice-president Gabriel Augusto R. de Melo, from UFPR, the first secretary Andressa Paladini, from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, the second secretary Gabriela Camacho, from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), the first treasurer Renato José Pires Machado, and the second treasurer Angelo Parisi Pinto, both from UFPR.

The new group took office last December 6th, and has among its goals for 2023 the accomplishment of a work increasingly aligned with other representative entities, not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America. "There are already contacts, for example, for the joint organization of a Latin American Congress of Entomology, which will take place in Brazil, in a co-organization of the two societies (SBE and Entomological Society of Brazil), which is very important."

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