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Brazilian Society of Entomology

The Brazilian Society of Entomology - SBE is the oldest entomological association in Brazil, being one of the first to be founded in Latin America. Throughout its nearly 90 years of existence, the SBE has had some of the most prominent names of entomology worldwide on its directive body. Our mission is to promote basic and applied scientific research in the different areas of Entomology, contributing to the advancement of knowledge about the diversity, evolution, ecological, economic, and sanitary importance of insects. These objectives are also promoted by supporting the training of Brazilian young entomologists through grant notices and the organization of scientific events focused on Entomology. Finally, since 1954, SBE is the proud manager of the “Revista Brasileira de Entomologia: A Journal of Insect Diversity and Evolution”, the most traditional entomological journal in Latin America.


Photo: Frederico Falcão Salles


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